Duplicate Message And Fraud Detection

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Duplicate Message and Fraud Detection Module safeguards an organisation from this problem arising as a result of accidental or deliberate actions

Increasingly, organisations have invested in sophisticated automation that can process large volumes of requests in real time. These companies need to protect themselves against the financial and reputational risk attached with processing duplicate and fraudulent payments.

Our solution is highly flexible and can be configured to select exactly, what data elements in a message are to be used, to determine if a message is a duplicate or fraudulent. The solution can be configured for any service channel such as SWIFT FIN, ISO 20022, Local Clearing, mobile banking etc. as well as manual input.

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Monitors and protects in real time

Highly scalable for any service channel

Increases security and reduces risk

Automatic alerts for exceptions

Simple to use

Minimal changes to existing environment

Quick to deploy

Full audit

The processing of duplicate and fraudulent messages is easily avoided and yet it occurs far too often.