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Aquila's integrated Message Management solution streamlines the management and automation of electronic messages.

By integrating internal systems, third-party applications, and external messaging services, it simplifies your institution's IT architecture. The solution enables automatic message routing, business processing workflows and centralized control over message receipt and release.

With a queuing and viewing environment that organizes messages by entity, department, and status, it ensures efficient message segregation. Additionally, the solution offers secure control over manually or automatically created messages, with an exception-based incident management module that allows users to manage any investigative issues.

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Automatic and resilient processing for SWIFT (FIN and MX), local clearing, bespoke formats and electronic banking

Duplicate message and restricted country/currency detection

Multi-entity, multi-currency solution offering 24/7 capabilities

Integration to electronic messaging systems

Seamless integration into existing infrastructure

Annual SWIFT Message Standards updates included in the Annual Subscription

Re-engineer and simplify your processing