Instant Payments

Embrace Real-Time Payments with Aquila's Instant Payments solution.

In a banking world where speed and efficiency matter, instant payments are crucial. That is why we are introducing Aquila’s Instant Payments Solution. Our solution empowers banks with real-time, seamless payments.

Give your customers access to instant payments with Aquila.

Aquila provides seamless integration with existing infrastructure to enable high speed, scalable payments processing for the major payment systems including FedNow, SEPA Instant and Faster Payments.

Instant payments process transactions in real-time

Robust security measures, encryption protocols, and fraud detection mechanisms ensure safe and protected transactions

24/7, 365 processing

Seamless integration into existing infrastructure including core-banking systems, AML/KYC solutions, sanctions screening solutions and trading systems.

Explore Aquila’s speed, convenience and security.