Our e2gen suite has been supporting financial institutions across the globe for over 35 Years.

Our legacy suite is built on an unparralled wealth of experience on IBM I systems. The suite of solutions automate the entire transaction lifecycle from trade through to settlement and consist of over 20 solutions.

35+ Years IBM i core systems expertise

Annual SWIFT Message Standards updates inclusive of the Annual Subscription

20+ Modular solutions

Automate the entire transaction lifecycle

Message Management

Message Management solution is an integrated framework for the management and automation of all electronic messages.

The central hub enables your enterprise to prepare, augment and control the receipt and release of all message types for all services.

ISO 20022 MT-MX Processing

e2gen is expertly placed to support your ISO 20022 transition through our Messaging Hub or Translation Tool.


e2gen has been supporting banks reconcilations processing for over 20 years.

The solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire reconciliations process for card, cash, commodities, securities holdings and trades as well as internal accounts.

Message Matching

Our Treasury and Securities Matching solutions are fully automated matching and exception handling solutions.

Duplicate Message Detection

The solution is highly flexible and can be configured to select exactly, what data elements in a message are to be used, to determine if a message is a duplicate or fraudulent.

The module can be configured for any service channel such as SWIFT FIN, ISO 20022, Local Clearing, mobile banking etc. as well as manual input.

Liquidity Management

Our Liquidity Management solution allows banks to efficiently monitor and manage their intraday liquidity positions in any currency in real-time.

Cash Management

Our cash Management solutions allows users view and manage their intra-day cash balances for correspondent and internal accounts.

The solution provides projected positions to enable the institution to monitor its settlement requirements for the future.

Statement Reporting

Our Holdings and Balance reporting solutions includes details of positions and holdings activity by means of electronic confirmations and will also produce transaction and balance history both intra-day and at the end of day.

Sanctions Monitoring

Before processing a transaction our Sanctions Monitoring solution automatically checks all electronic messages against its sanctions database.

Transaction Lifecycle Automation

These solution will process the entire transaction lifecycle of messages in any format, and in doing so, book inward messages and create any appropriate outward settlement.

Asset Transfer

Asset Transfer Module (ATM) allows an institution to easily transfer existing assets to a new financial institution, or allow new assets to be captured in an efficient manner.